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GNC™ Trainings

Upcoming Trainings


October 4, 2014
Lesson Series Overview  3 hr

October 18, 2014
Teacher Enrichment Workshop 8 hr

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Applicants will be notified when they have cleared the background screening and then scheduled for the requested training.

Call the office for any questions about the process.


Teacher Training Classes


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Course Descriptions

Administrative Workers (4 hours)

- required for everyone working in a GNC or a 5-Day Club

Bible Teachers (4 hours)

- Additional training required for Bible lessons & Memory verses, invitation and counseling for salvation

Junior Missionaries (4 hours)

- required for youth workers in 5-Day Clubs

All workers are encouraged to pursue additional training for more detailed instruction and evangelism techniques. The courses can be taken in lieu of the above and are open to anyone interested in learning how to evangelize children.

Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 or TCE 1

(32 hours - 1 day a week for 4 weeks)

Teaching Children Effectively Level 2 or TCE 2

(32 hours) TCE1 required before enrolling.

The course focuses on the spiritual development of the saved child.

Children's Ministry Institute - Diploma programs are available for children's teachers and ministry leaders, not just for CEF workers. Check their website for more information: Some courses available online.